Emma Bishton is active as a soprano in East Anglia, performing regularly as a soloist or in ensembles including the five-part group The Marenzio Singers and Psalmody (the Suffolk Villages Festival choir directed by Peter Holman). She is particularly keen on singing as part of an instrumental group, and is the regular guest soloist with the early music group “The Delightful Companions”. She has a long-standing interest in contemporary classical music and has sung with the  New London Chamber Choir for the last twenty years.

Emma is passionate about getting people of all ages to sing, and can often be found coaching and persuading people to sing in a range of settings including Nayland school, local theatrical productions, and even the ante-natal department! She has co-directed choirs in Nayland School (a school which now boasts a very strong singing tradition) for the last six years. Emma was the regular pianist with Nayland Choir for more than 10 years, on occasion venturing onto the podium such as in the 2012 performance of the Faure Requiem, and became the choir’s musical director in January 2017.